#72hoursreload is not a game changer, it’s life changer

That’s how Greet Van Hecke, one of the 50 ladies joining us for the third edition of #72hoursreload summarized our trip to Portugal. Lawyers, (social) entrepreneurs, marketeers, finance experts, a producer, director, professor… once again a very diverse bunch of passionate women joined us in April on a 3 day inspiration trip for reloading their busy minds, hearts and souls.

“Be a voice, not an echo” was our guiding principle, introduced in a marvelous way by our opening keynote, soprano Martine Reyners. In case you are wondering, YES, she also made the whole group sing, allowing us to set the scene for a weekend full of new connections, on a professional and a personal level.

Reload your busy mind, body and soul. 

We strongly believe all women can learn from each other. No less than 1 out of 3 participants felt like sharing her expertise took the floor as a speaker or facilitated a workshop. New this year were our Brainpicking Sesssions, where participants could pitch their idea for a new business or get input on a burning professional challenge from the group.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

There’s no reload without getting your body moving. Some loved early runs, yoga sessions or a dip in the pool. Others left their comfort zone and had a go at surfing the waves of the Atlantic. We enjoyed the most magnificent smiling faces getting out of the water.

Connecting with nature is also part of #72hoursreload in Portugal. Local and friend Isabelle welcomed us in the midst of wild flowers where we had our first toast to adventure, at the same spot where Portuguese discoverers left for the New World 500 years ago. Some joined in on our walk on the high cliffs alongside the ocean looking at a colorful palette of spring flowers. Bike lovers opted for the mountain bike tour to the lighthouse of Cape St Vincent. And others just enjoyed a good rest or a book with sea view at the pool. During all these activities, the decibels went up to 100 (more than the limit at festivals), as discussions kept on going strong… about the speeches, new ideas, how to live your life… just about everything really.

Thank You lovely ladies for sharing your expertise, ideas, emotions with us and making the #72hoursmagic happen once again. Elke & Veerle

What’s next?

As in our previous editions, the magic continues now we are back home. Business meetings are scheduled, new ideas are developed, that big step is finally taken … ‘The Whatsapp group becomes your daily inspiration source’ as one of our ladies put it. Already sorry you missed this edition?

No worries, the fourth #72hoursreload is coming up this fall. We are heading to wonderful Marrakech with a group of 30 ladies on October 19th-22nd. Follow our adventures on our Facebook page.

Or register for our 5th edition, 19-22 April 2018, in Portugal. Find out more and make sure you get one of the spots on www.72hoursreload.com

Concept & organisation: Elke Jeurissen & Veerle Pappaert – photographer Inge Wachtelaer – visual harvester Nancy De Vogelaere – local host Isabelle De Waele Pereira.