Relive #72hoursreload Marrakech

Ancient art & culture, food to die for, sunshine all year round, beautiful rooftops, a carriage ride to watch the sunset with a view of El Koutoubia Mosque, the many colors of red in the Atlas mountains… Marrakech really has it all. We even got tickets to the first opening day of the brand new Yves Saint Laurent Museum!

But what we most remember from our trip are the colorful people we connected with. Belgian leading ladies from all backgrounds, but also inspiring Moroccan women.

From artist Christina Schultz at cultural riad Le18, to entrepreneur Andrea Bury at Riad Ana Yela, to the marvelous Professor Nadia Motii of Rabat University to venture capitalist Sohaila Ouffata leading the iVentures team at BMW Europe. We were inspired by yoga teacher Tara Gupta during a sunrise session on a rooftop, journalist Raja Felgata that founded De Kleurrijke Top 100. BBC adventurer Alice Morrisson tought us that fear is nothing to be scared of and mountain guide Latifah, Fatima & Malika took us into the Atlas to connect with Berber girls and their families.

The first step to making a difference.

At every 72 hours trip, we are amazed by the positive energy of our gang. For this 4th edition, we decide to do something with this vibrant source of ideas. During a brain-picking session, they developed first ideas on how they could help deliver change. Six pitch sessions followed within an hour with projects in education, cross cultural collaboration, etc.

So, after New York, what’s our favorite rooftop bar in Marrakech?

That’s an easy one. In the Atlas Mountains, in a small berber village, where people live surrounded by overwhelming red colors, nature, goats. The simple life. Our guide Latifah guided us for a 2.5 hour walk through the mountains, arriving at a village where we were welcomed by the smell of fresh cookies. A very special rooftop awaited us, covered with the most colorful carpets, handmade, fresh bread with tasty argan oil and minttea…. We sat down with the sun going down, when all of a sudden, one of the Berber ladies started to laugh, sing and dance…. And all of us followed. Pure Magic.

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