How to keep high on energy and avoid burnout – Fierce Ladies 17/1


This January, the Fierce Ladies Academy welcomes Anne Everard for an inspiring workshop on how to keep your energy levels high to realize your ambition. Anne is author of the ‘ Burnout guide. How to prevent it, how to come out of it’.

Fierce Ladies Academy 17/1 – How to keep my energy high and avoid exhaustion?

In a vibrant workshop, which includes many examples we find in our daily modern life, you will learn how to keep your energy level high:  

  • Understand how does exhaustion, burnout and depression work
  • Are you at risk of a burn-out?
  • Are there more burnouts now than before or did we become lazy?
  • What are the 3 major things that have changed over the past 10 to 20 years that could explain these burnouts?
  • How to recognise the 3 warning signs of a burn-out?
  • We will make the list: what gives you energy and what costs you energy?
  • The teaspoon theory to help manage the sustainability of our energy level

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About Anne Everard

Anne Everard (1969) is a legal expert by tradeShe is the co-founder of the speakers’ bureau « Read My Lips » since 2011. 

One morning she was unable to get out of her bed. Three years later, her first book is published in France. Entitled « the Burnout Guide. How to prevent it, how to come out of it», it is written as a comprehensive guide on understanding the burnout mechanisms, so as to prevent it and maybe avoid it altogether. It is translated in Dutch as “50 lepeltjes energie per dag” (Lannoo, 2018).

Prior to that, Anne held various positions in different industries: she was an eastern countries consultant for the European Commission, AT Kearny; she worked as a lawyer for Allen&Overy; she was a HR and Legal Director at Tele2-Versatel. She was also the Deputy Director of the Belgian Minister of the Economy in charge of the digital communication and postal services before creating her own company.