Pledge for more inclusive leadership

Dear Elke,

We are serious.

We really want to advance women to the highest level in our organization. But how do we do that? Where do we start? How do we make sure it’s on the agenda throughout our organization, and owned by the boss? How do we create interest that goes beyond the internal women’s network? And how do we get those women up there, where they belong?

This question is popping up more and more in my conversations lately. Agendasetting is always step 1.

But it’s only step 1.

Maybe you can find some inspiration for action at the companies that made a pledge at the MAKERS* Women Conference. More than 50 executives spoke up yesterday February 10th about what they will do to realize a more inclusive leadership. Check out the videos here .

We can help you in your journey towards more inclusive leadership. It’s not a women’s issue, it’s a growth opportunity for your organization.

We offer #FierceLadies #keynotes and #workshops to help you create awareness, build the business case and take the next step towards execution. Our program is built on lessons learned in 7 years of experience with female leaders across public, private, academic and other sectors.

What is your pledge? Let us help you take the next step. Remember, it always seems impossible, until it’s done (Nelson Mandela). Get in touch

Elke Jeurissen, Founder Straffe Madammen & Fierce Ladies

*MAKERS is a network of companies who are celebrating and empowering the game-changing females in their ranks. The 2019 MAKERS Conference is a global women’s leadership event that brings together the most powerful names in business, entertainment, tech, and finance to explore ways to accelerate the movement. This year’s speakers include Jada Pinkett Smith, Lisa Borders, Arlan Hamilton, Gloria Steinem, flight attendant activist Dusty Roads, Mars 2020 Project Engineer Lead Diana Trujillo and more.